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Our Alpha Robot Air is a cutting-edge bionic quadruped robot that mirrors the behavior of a real pet with its advanced spatial orientation, motion, and behavior algorithms.

Enhanced Recognition with 4D LIDAR
Our Alpha Robot Air, providing 360° x 90° hemispherical ultra-wide recognition. This advanced system boasts minimal blind spots and a detection range as low as 0.05 meters, significantly enhancing all-terrain recognition and intelligent obstacle avoidance. The new 4D LIDAR system improves recognition efficiency by 200% compared to previous models

Technological Innovation and Versatility
Our Robot is a perfect blend of cutting-edge AI and a lightweight, flexible design, making it suitable for various applications such as recreation, training, business promotions, education, research, and industrial use. Key features include:
- Intelligent obstacle avoidance
- Smart power management
- Evolving AI capabilities
- Simple controls via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

 Advanced Capabilities
Equipped with 4D LIDAR and HD cameras, the Alpha Robot G2 Air offers ultra-wide recognition and real-time navigation, efficiently avoiding obstacles and optimizing route tracing even in complex environments. Users can operate the robot with a compact remote controller or an intuitive mobile app, even when the robot is out of sight. The graphical programming interface enables users of all skill levels to control the robot by dragging, dropping, and connecting various commands.

Design and Durability
The Go2 Air, available in a sleek combination of white and light gray, boasts a futuristic and attractive appearance, making it an ideal companion for various tasks and pastimes. It features smart battery management, strong and reliable construction, and real-time remote monitoring capabilities